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Fully Insured Garage Door & Gate Repair, Sales and Installation Service in Camarillo, CA

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Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo: Your One-stop Garage Door Repair Solutions

Garage doors when they break down require urgent intervention. As a local garage service and repair company, we at Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo understand the critical nature of the situation and therefore ensure that help reaches you in shortest time. We have been serving homes and commercial places for the last 20 years and have established ourselves as reputable residential and commercial garage door and gate repair service in Camarillo.

At Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo, we tackle a wide array of residential and commercial garage door and gate repair services. Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured and prompt in service. They are trained to repair all types of garage and gate models and makes and have the knack to quickly discern the problem and get the repairs going as soon as they receive your approval. Our service is responsive and we are committed to reach you quickly and service your garage door in the most efficient manner causing you minimal disruption.

Garage Door Services

For any type of problem related to garage door and gates approach Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo without any hesitation. Whether the job is small or big, we will respond to your call promptly and efficiently. Here are some of our most frequently requested services:

Garage Door Repair Camarillo

When it comes to garage door repair in Camarillo, you can be certain that we will always offer you affordable and quality repair solutions. We have the experience to repair all kinds of garage doors and take the necessary precautions to ensure that the repairs are carried out in a safe and seamless manner.

Repairing a garage door should be done by experienced professionals as there are powerful springs that balance the heavy weight of the garage door. These springs are connected to cables with the help of torsion bars. When the cables get loose, it can cause the garage door to close shut without warning. Hence, any type of garage door repair should always be done by certified and trained experts. At Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo, only experts with the necessary certification, experience and knowledge carry out the repair work.

Garage Door Installation Camarillo

When you want to install a new garage door, it is necessary that you select the door with care. Our experience shows that homeowners who opt for new garage door installation in Camarillo enjoy great return on their investment as it increases their home value. Remember, a garage door not only gives you privacy, but also security and insulation. So, any garage door installation should be a well thought-out decision.

Our garage door installation specialists can fit door of any size, type and style. We also offer garage door automation if you desire. We believe in offering our clients quality work and ensure you always get exceptional installation solutions. We even help you to choose the right garage door design as per your requirements, and this makes us a rather unique garage door installer in Camarillo.

Garage Door Dented Panel Repair Camarillo

If you have a steel garage door, chances are high that you may have to deal with dented panels during the lifetime of the door. If panels are dented, it is necessary to repair them so that you can open and close the garage door with ease.

Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo has the expertise to offer stellar garage door dented panel repair. Our technicians always visit the premises with the necessary equipment so that we can carry out efficient and quick dented panel repair. You will be pleasantly surprised at our efficiency and promptness. Whether the garage door has insulation, semi-insulation or hollow panels, we have the skills to repair the dents without causing any further damage to the garage door.

Garage Door Track Repair Camarillo

If you are trying to open your garage door and it leans to one side or you find that it is stuck, it is time to call in Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo. Invariably this problem arises due to faulty garage door tracks. A garage door has vertical and horizontal tracks and either of these could be damaged. Sometimes, if the track gets neglected and are not lubricated for a long time they may malfunction. Whatever is the problem, our repair specialists can offer you the best garage door track repair service in Camarillo.

Just give us a call and our technicians will be at your premises within 60 minutes to carry out emergency garage door track repair so that you can get your vehicle in and out of the garage with ease. We will repair the problematic track quickly and that too at highly affordable prices. So, you have no reason to worry when you looking for quick garage door track repair in Camarillo.

Garage Door Sensor Repair Camarillo

If you think that your garage door sensor is faulty, do not waste time getting it fixed. Get in touch with Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo right away. Sensors in your garage door prevent it from closing suddenly on people and pets. Hence, if the sensor is faulty or defective, the risk of injury is very high. You can avert any calamity or accident by calling us to fix the sensor.

Our sensor repair is cost-effective and our technicians have the knowledge and ability to decipher the problem with the circuit wires quickly and fix the sensor within no time. Using Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo for sensor repair gives you peace of mind and keeps your loved ones safe.

Garage Door Opener Repair Camarillo

Homeowners in Camarillo trust us to fix garage door opener issues. There are many things that can go wrong with the opener, preventing you from closing or opening your garage door. Our technicians will be at your home quickly and check the opener. Depending on the problem, we will either fix the existing opener or replace it with new one altogether.

We realize how inconvenient it can be with a faulty opener and that is why we offer same day garage door opener repair service in Camarillo. Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo offers guarantee on the repair work done. This is to allay your fears and to ensure you always enjoy quality repair solutions.

Garage Door Broken Spring Repair Camarillo

Your garage door has a tightly coiled spring that works hard when you open or close the garage door. Over time, the spring will get damaged or break and this will cause your garage door to malfunction. Thankfully, you never have to worry if you have Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo on speed dial.

We come with years of experience to fix defective and broken garage door springs. So, without any hesitation contact us if you think there is an issue with your garage door spring. Our technicians will carefully check the door and let you know. If the problem lies with the spring, we will replace it to ensure you have no issues opening or closing the garage door.

Gate Repair Camarillo

Your gates bear the brunt of the elements while providing you security and privacy. To ensure their upkeep make it a point to call our reliable gate repair experts in Camarillo as soon as you notice signs of decay. Taking prompt action will prevent the situation from worsening and help you get the repairs done affordably. You can expect a fantastic job when you call us for gate repair in Camarillo.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Camarillo

If you have a commercial setup, you already know how inconvenient it can be with a broken or malfunctioning commercial garage door. Also, it can be a safety hazard as the problematic door can allow intruders to get into your premises. So, do not ignore a problem with your commercial garage door.

At Magic Garage Door Repair Camarillo, we can fix any problem with the commercial garage door within no time. Whether the door is jammed or it has slipped off from the tracks, our technicians will be able to offer you affordable and high-quality commercial garage door repair in Camarillo. We will even replace the cables if they are broken. To ensure minimal disruption to your routine, our technicians will work outside off business hours, if necessary to fix the garage door, and you will always get quality work that will stand the test of time.

Commercial Roll up Doors Camarillo

We realize that garage doors are important for a commercial organization. That is why we offer our commercial customers prompt service for any type of repairs you may need for your roll up doors.

Our technicians are skilled in repairing commercial roll up doors and ensure you enjoy hassle-free operation. Even if your door is old and worn out, we suggest you give our skilled technicians a chance before you invest money into a new one.

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